5th Annual

Arcadia Innovation Summit

June 21, 2019

Session Schedule

We are very excited to announce that author and student advocate Katie Martin, Ph.D., will be our keynote speaker at the 5th Annual Arcadia Innovation Summit on 6/21/19!

Martin strives to create classrooms that empower students to share their work, as opposed to preparing them for a test, so that all children can thrive in a changing world. Her book, Learner-Centered Innovation: Spark Curiosity, Ignite Passion, and Unleash Genius, explores questions such as “What if learners were valued for their diverse talents and not just our traditional model of ‘smart’?”; “What if I could create new and better experiences for those I serve?”; “What if I could inspire students to learn, to discover their passions and to share their ideas with the world?” read full bio

Follow Katie Martin on Twitter @katiemartinedu


We believe that the education ecosystem should evolve in an open and accessible way.

Lessons and content should be shared freely.

Silos should be minimized as we grow and explore together


We believe in creating an environment that drives genuine engagement fostering:




(Based on Dan Pink’s book: Drive)


We believe that we must continue to improve through innovation.

Finding new ways to improve instruction

Exploring the benefits of blended learning environments

Fostering creativity with students and staff

Curating educational resources

The Arcadia Innovation Summit is a one day professional development opportunity, and best of all it is FREE!

Arcadia Unified School District invites you to attend our one day conference focused on exploring innovation in education. We will have a variety of sessions for all grade levels. Past sessions have focused on the Google Ecosystem (Using Chromebooks, Google Apps for Education, and Third Party Applications), Teaching in a 1:1 classroom, Personalized Learning, Genius Hour, Makerspace, Building your PLN, Virtual Reality, and Gamification. Join us for another great day of learning and networking. Lunch is included.